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Sour Sensations Gift Box


Our Sour Sensations Box includes a tantalising collection of sour sweets and snacks, specially crafted for sour lovers. Let your taste buds tango with an assortment of zesty delights, featuring legendary items like Warheads, Toxic Waste and Airheads, as well as a curated selection of other sour surprises.

In this box, we've handpicked an array of lip-smacking sour treats for you to enjoy. Can you handle the sour?

Tag @internationalsweetsnz on Instagram and TikTok using #internationalsourbox to share your sour face with the world.

Note: The specific treats in the Sour Sensations Box are chosen by us for you to enjoy a curated selection. Contents may vary, and products shown in the product photo may differ from what you receive in your handpicked giftbox. But the sourness is guaranteed! We may not be able to accommodate special product requests.