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Hot Tamales Theatre Box Original 5 oz / 141.7g

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Are you a spicy candy kind of person? We have to admit, spicy candy is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered! And if there's one candy that has been paving the way for spice lovers everywhere, it's Hot Tamales. After all, these were not only one of the first hot and spicy candies, but they were also one of the first concession-sized candies available! So if you're ready for a throwback, the Hot Tamales 5 Oz. Theater Box is what you need. 

The perfect way to indulge your spicy tooth cravings, our Hot Tamales 5 Oz. Theater Box is not to be missed. These are perfect for the people who like to add a little bit of spicy goodness to their snack times. And since each candy has only 7 calories, you won't even feel guilty about having a few more than usual! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to sizzle your way through the day.